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Capital Markets

The marriage of deep industry expertise and dynamic innovation, S&P Global brings market-leading intelligence, robust technology and superior customer service to all participants in the global capital markets. Bringing together state-of-the-art new issuance systems and premiere global financial and investor data, S&P Global provides innovative technology and superior insights, which allow our clients to work more efficiently, maximize time & resources, and focus on what they do best. Our solutions support all product types across the Equity, Fixed Income and Municipal markets. For more information visit

Pitch deals and target investors with greater efficiency

  • Online bookbuilding platforms
  • Bigdough investor contacts
  • Analytics, ownership & advanced targeting reports
  • Timely & accurate equity deals database
  • BiDCOMP/Parity

Form the underwriting group, share documents, and market to investors

  • Centralized & flexible bookbuilding
  • Electronic prospectus delivery
  • Roadshow & event management platforms
  • Dedicated systems for retail, structured products & DSP
  • Investor profiles

Streamline the entire process, from indication of interest through final allocation

  • Web-based, real time bookbuilding
  • Ownership analysis & investor profiles
  • Directed share program (DSP)
  • Electronic document delivery system

Stay on top of the market and ensure long-term success of completed deals

  • Bigdough IRM
  • Market intelligence & surveillance
  • ProspectusDirect

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